Optimize Your Business and Bottom Line

Today’s competitive and risk-intensive landscape means businesses need to implement strategies that can both optimize growth and create more predictable and stable cost environments. Insurance is a top-line item that can be complex and expensive – leading many businesses to fall short of full coverage and subject themselves to costly and debilitating situations when risks manifest.

KORE is here to help. We take a business-first approach to help National & International Corporations, Middle Market Companies, and Small Businesses & Specialty Markets ensure complete and tailored insurance protection. We also work closely within specific industries, such as Construction, TransportationReal Estate and Aerospace, to align solutions for your unique and evolving needs. In addition, we provide Cyber Insurance across all of our markets and industries to keep our clients at the forefront of a highly digital and technology-driven business environment – constantly monitoring the marketplace and updating our offerings to deliver complete coverage.

Our bottom line is that we are here to enhance your bottom line – going above and beyond to align the right solutions, optimize your protection, and create a strong foundation for growth.

National & International Corporations

As a major corporation, you face increasingly complex risks as you expand and operate across multiple markets in the United States and around the world. We understand your global needs and help you simplify the process, mitigate risk and ensure full insurance coverage.


Middle Market Companies

As a growing mid-sized business, it is essential that your insurance coverage is aligned with your evolving needs and operations. KORE can help you identify risks and protect all aspects of your business, including employees, autos, business property, customers and other needs.


Small Business & Specialty Markets

As a small business leader, it can be challenging to simultaneously run the business and stay on top of your insurance needs. KORE’s small business experts can work with you and act as an extension of your team to make sure your solutions are tailored to your exact needs – and affordable.


Construction Insurance

In today’s complex and evolving marketplace, your construction company is subject to increasing risks, liabilities and lawsuits. KORE leverages our expertise and relationships with carriers to help you align the right coverage to protect your people, property and entire business.


Transportation Insurance

Increasing risks and liabilities continue to present challenges for transportation, logistics and waste management companies. KORE takes the time to understand your needs, mitigate your risk profile and work with carriers to ensure complete and tailored insurance coverage for your business.


Real Estate Insurance

As a real estate owner, you face a full spectrum of liabilities that require comprehensive coverage to protect your properties – inside and out. KORE leverages our expertise to help you align complete and tailored real estate and habitational insurance solutions to meet your ever-evolving needs.


Cyber Insurance

Today’s digital environment means new business opportunities – but also new risks. KORE provides cyber insurance solutions designed to limit your liability, evolve your coverage and help you stay focused on the long-term success of your business.


Aerospace Insurance

KORE delivers complete and tailored insurance solutions to protect commercial clients in the aerospace industry, including corporate and charter aircraft, helicopter operations, FBOs, airports, manufacturers, unmanned aircraft and aerial systems and more.