KORE offers unique and tailored protection for all your art and valuables.

Insurance is crucial to helping you protect your personal property, including fine art, watches, jewelry, antiques or even a collection of vintage wine.

Insurance options include blanket coverage at a specific amount for a class of valuables, an itemized schedule approach for pieces with appraisals, or a combination of blanket and itemized coverage. KORE also provides worldwide coverage for your valuables in case a piece is stolen, lost or damaged during travel.

KORE professionals have extensive experience and expertise insuring art and valuables. We partner with knowledgeable carriers to provide insurance solutions for almost any budget. In addition, we provide personal attention and support across a full spectrum of services, including property itemization, appraisal methods, loss control methods, property storage enhancement, claims settlement in the event of a loss and recovery assistance to help you get back on track.