At KORE, we work closely with you to help you understand the different insurance choices that are available.

If you were involved in an auto accident or if your vehicle was damaged by something other than an accident, would your current policy provide enough coverage to protect you from liability and pay for needed repairs? Would it be sufficient to pay for medical expenses and damage to personal property? If you are not sure, the experienced professionals at KORE can help.

There are several components to auto insurance coverage. Liability coverage provides a minimum level of protection so that if you cause an accident, the insurance policy will pay for damage and injuries the other party sustained. Liability coverage will not pay to repair your own vehicle. Collision coverage steps in to pay for damage your vehicle sustains as the result of an accident. Comprehensive coverage provides insurance protection for damage to your vehicle that is not caused by an accident.

When you are buying auto insurance for a car that you financed or are leasing, you will be required to provide evidence that you have obtained a minimum level of insurance on the vehicle. While that minimum level is better than nothing, it may not be enough to cover your risk.

At KORE, we know you are probably not an expert on insurance matters. That is why we will work closely with you to help you understand the different choices available to you. Your risk advisor will play a key role in helping educate you about various policy options and in making sure the policy you end up purchasing will provide the protection you need — at a price you can afford.