Ever-changing business conditions present costly risks and challenges for the transportation industry.

Today’s environment is ripe with risks and potential liabilities for all types of transportation and waste management companies: Fleet, Sanitation, Short Haul, Long Haul, Dealers, Recycling, Last Mile and Logistics.

As a result, it is no surprise that insurance premiums represent one of your biggest overall costs.

While general policies may cover truck-related accidents and protection of property, more comprehensive and specialized insurance can help protect your fleet and ensure full coverage against other costly risks and perils, including:

  • Accidents and physical losses
  • Theft and damage caused during shipping
  • Cyber-attacks on physical and digital assets
  • Driver shortage and volatility demand
  • Deteriorating infrastructure
  • Environmental liability
  • Workers compensation exposures
  • Allegations and lawsuits

KORE leverages our deep experience and expertise to understand your needs, help you mitigate risk your and ensure comprehensive and tailored insurance coverage for your business.