In today’s digital age, it is essential that you protect your data, assets and business from cybercrime.

As technology continues to change everything we do at lightning speed, KORE is committed to protecting your business and helping you recover in the event that cybercriminals breach your network, an employee’s unencrypted laptop, tablet or smartphone is lost or stolen, or if an employee unwittingly lets a virus onto the company’s network.

Many clients are surprised to learn that commercial general liability policies often exclude losses due to cybercrime. Where liability policies end, our cyber insurance coverage begins. Policies may cover losses associated with theft, hacking, extortion, denial of service attacks and data destruction. Cyber insurance policies also generally include liability to protect businesses, indemnifying them for failing to safeguard customer or employee data or defamation (media liability).

Whether a loss is due to a network security failure, a breach of physical records or human error, media liability or an error of omission in the performance of your services, cyber insurance can provide liability protection.

KORE’s cyber insurance offerings can cover costs related to:

  • Investigating the attack or breach
  • Meeting legal notification requirements to states and/or other entities
  • Public relations and business interruption insurance (loss of profits and extra expenses)
  • Defending your business against lawsuits, settlements and damages, regulatory penalties, fines and more