If you recently started your business or are still working on gaining traction in your market, you need to keep a close eye on risks that could both derail your plans and your budget. While a large national or global company might be able to self-insure certain risks, most small business owners could not weather a major loss without the protection offered through insurance. Finding insurance solutions that will protect your business, its property, employees and customers is critical to the long-term success of your business, but those solutions also need to be affordable and tailored to you.

As a small business owner, your specific insurance needs will depend on your industry and what types of products or services you offer. It is important to work with an insurance provider that has its finger on the pulse of your industry and who can offer solutions that will meet the unique risks you face every day.

KORE Insurance Holdings, as a full-service insurance agency, does more than simply sell commercial insurance products to business owners. We also provide underwriting on various risks and pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to every client – no matter how big or small the business. We also offer personalized claims service, so when you experience a loss, you can get back to serving your customers as quickly as possible. Small business owners have a lot on their plates at any given time, so it can be comforting knowing that all of your commercial insurance needs are covered under one broad policy.

In addition to offering general commercial insurance products, KORE also has access to specialty insurance markets with programs geared toward certain types of clients. We also offer niche coverage for specific industries, including:

  • Limousine Program
  • Restaurant Program
  • Marine Specialty
  • Transportation Specialty
  • Errors & Omissions Professional Liability Program
  • Construction Program

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