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We dedicate a team of proven and handpicked professionals to provide you objective advice and exceptional personal service at all times. The team has an average of 25+ years of experience, including previous roles as risk managers, underwriters, consultants and a wide range of positions at major brokerages. This allows us to work together to understand your issues from multiple angles and leverage our network to advance your best interests. We focus on every detail, never settle for good enough, and facilitate every step of the claims management process to help make you “whole” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A relationship with KORE also means personal attention from and access to KORE’s leaders, insurance experts and claims and service professionals to meet your needs at every turn. Importantly, there is minimal turnover on the KORE team – a key advantage over conglomerates who often create confusion by changing personnel and handing off different components to different departments, including slow, impersonal call centers.

Claims Management
KORE simplifies the insurance process across your business and personal life.

The objective is to help you secure the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance coverage to protect what matters most. When you experience a loss, you can count on KORE every step of the way to handle your claim efficiently and with the diligence and care you want and deserve.

For commercial clients, claims management is essential to managing your insurance program. We act as an extension of your team – taking a proactive approach to help you take control of your cost, stabilize or lower your premiums with your current insurers, and make your company more attractive to other insurers to increase your options to buy more comprehensive coverage. At the heart of our claims process is our focus on creating a tailored Client Service Plan based on your industry, historical claims experience, frequency and severity of claims, and internal resources to handle claims.

For clients who would like to make a claim, please contact your KORE relationship manager directly or call our main line at (973) 994-3131 to speak with a specialist who can help you through the process.

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Client Service Plan: Key Elements

Comprehensive Daily Servicing
Claim Advocacy and Monitoring
Claim Reviews
Loss Analysis
Renewal Preparation
Transitional Servicing
Special Project Work
Stewardship Report