Your home is one of your most important assets. In the event it is damaged by weather, fire, theft or vandalism, your homeowner’s policy will be there to help you get back on your feet. KORE will ensure you have adequate coverage in place so you can feel safe against life’s unforeseen events.

Auto insurance is there to protect you from injuries and losses sustained from car accidents. Your policy can also include coverage for damage to your vehicle and personal property in other situations, too. Work with KORE to determine what coverage types and amounts best meet your needs.

Valuables Insurance is property coverage for jewelry, art, wine, exotic cars, and other collectibles – coverage can be written on an itemized schedule, blanket or a combination of the two. This coverage extends worldwide property coverage for an array of losses such as theft, damage or something as simple as being misplaced.

Purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy is a smart move to protect your assets from lawsuits or liability claims. Policy limits are typically much higher than those included in homeowners, auto or boat insurance policies, providing added protection from unforeseen events. In addition, umbrella policies can cover claims that other policies exclude.

When renting a home, renters insurance will cover losses or damage to your belongings due to an unforeseen event, such as fire or theft. Renters insurance, like homeowners insurance, also provides protection for medical payments if someone else is injured on the premises. Your KORE insurance professional can help you feel confident that you have the right amount of coverage in place.

You do not need to live on a floodplain for your home to be damaged by flooding and most homeowner policies do not cover flood damage. A separate flood insurance policy can give you the protection you need to help you recover after the waters recede.

Yacht insurance can protect you and your passengers from injuries and losses that occur as a result of a boating accident or other covered event. Like auto insurance, boat insurance policies can provide coverage for collisions, personal property and bodily injury. KORE can tailor a policy to protect you.

Life insurance is a gift to your loved ones, providing financial support after your death. We offer a variety of life insurance products and will help you identify how much coverage you need. Whether you want to replace your income for a period of years, provide funds to keep your business afloat or leave a legacy, life insurance is a fundamental piece of a solid financial plan.


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