An integral part of managing your insurance program is effective risk management. A critical component of implementing an impactful program is through proper claims management within your organization.

KORE’s Claims Management Division will assist you in taking hold of your insurance cost by employing a proactive and strategic approach to your claims experience. We will accomplish this for you by utilizing proven strategies in a pragmatic and methodical fashion, through the application of our Client Service Plan. You will find that this plan is designed to have a direct impact on your claims experience thereby positively influencing your total cost of risk. Proper claims management also has the effect of stabilizing or lowering your premiums with your current insurers, as well as making your company more attractive to other prospective insurers. This increases your buying options from a cost standpoint and enables you to buy more comprehensive coverage, as well.

Each one of our clients has a customized Client Service Plan that is tailored specifically for them. We consider our client’s industry, historical claims experience, frequency and severity of claims, as well as their internal resources to handle claims. We operate as an extension of each one of our client’s risk management efforts.

Our Client Service Plan includes:

• Comprehensive Daily Servicing
• Claim Advocacy and Monitoring
• Claim Reviews
• Loss Analysis
• Renewal Preparation
• Transitional Servicing
• Stewardship Report
• Special Project Work

Commitment to Service

At KORE, we are here for you. We are committed to handling your claim efficiently and with the diligence and care you want and deserve. We take our time to explain how proper claims management can be incorporated into your risk management efforts.

Whether you are a large commercial corporation with a national footprint, a regional, middle-market organization, or operate on Main Street, you will benefit from our expertise.

Claims assistance is one of the most necessary and valuable services that our agency can offer. When you experience a loss, you can count on KORE to be there to help you through it.

Contact an expert

Our Claims & Loss Control Consultant

As the Director of Claims, Anthony Guzman serves each of our clients as a trusted business advisor, staunch advocate and consultant on all issues from the routine mechanics of the daily claim handling to the most complex coverage issues and formulation of risk management strategies.