COVID-19 : A Message To Our Clients


To Our Valued Clients: 

Kore is here for you.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented event in our history. It is having a profound global effect on every individual, across borders and world cultures. It is presenting previously unimagined challenges in many facets of life, including your business operations. 

From a “risk and insurance” standpoint, COVID-19 is raising many questions related to how a company should respond to and manage a pandemic risk this aggressive.  

As you assess the impact to your daily operations whether it be temporarily shuttering your doors, identifying and managing your supply chain issues, or managing your greatest asset – your employees; Kore stands ready to help you assess the impact of this pandemic to your organization, survive it and thrive in what will be a new world ahead for all.  

Kore is keeping on the hourly pulse of the Insurance Industry’s response to this pandemic, watching closely as bills, insurance regulations and the possibility of governmental intervention and assistance are all being discussed and under consideration.  

Our team of experts are qualified to discuss your Company’s risk on every level.  Our office is fully operational and functioning as normal, ready to respond to any need.

Kore’s Claims Department stands ready to help you with any situation you have relating to this crisis. The following are some of the services that we will perform for you as our valued business client:

  • Discuss any potential or actual claim concern that arises.
  • Same day claim reporting of every claim.
  • Immediate follow up for an assignment of the claim to an adjuster and a detailed, step-by-step explanation of what to expect next in the claim process.
  • Diligent follow up and advocacy to assure claims are defended timely and professionally.
  • Assistance with vetting fraudulent claims filed by individuals who are attempting to capitalize on this unfortunate circumstance.

Kore is in constant communication with our Insurance Carrier, Litigation and Coverage partners, keeping on the daily pulse of how the Insurance Industry is responding to this crisis.

At Kore our Mission Statement is:

“An Insurance policy is a promise. A promise to protect what matters, when you need it the most.”

As our client, you can expect Kore to bring calm and guidance to you exactly when you need it – during a confusing, overwhelming and troubling time.

We understand that now is when you need us the most and we are here for you as your partner and trusted advisor, protecting what matters to you most, surviving this troubling time, with an eye towards a brighter future.